I love making complexity easy to understand and finding solutions.

The youngest of three children, my family and friends re-tell stories of how I seemed to come up with ideas to fix anything, from a very young age. Fast forward 20 years, and after completing a degree in environmental science and working in organizational design at a large multi-national mining corporation, I've spent time thinking about systems, processes and feedback loops. Together, they make me a problem-solver always seeking patterns, solutions, opportunities and being a conduit of information keeping people connected. My curiosity compels me to make sure we keep doing things better than before, getting frustrated when I hear people say “but this is how we've always done it”. 

I believe that understanding the biological environment helps us to understand our physical, organisational and technological landscapes. 

“Life is the ultimate technology” - Kevin Kelly (From his book Out of Control), encapsulates the intertwined and reflective relationship of our daily lives and technology. The two primary areas being in our inter-connectedness and our constant evolution. My definition of technology sums this up: Technology is anything that is an extension of ourselves - from simple tech like a pen to complex tech like a spaceship, including our digital "self" like our Facebook and LinkedIn presence. 

I provide commentary on what is a fundamental life skill unchanged verse what is actually different as we evolve with ever-changing technologies. Whether it’s creating our urban landscape, or deciding how we will use technology. My aim is to inspire you with stories an encourage you on our journey. Not everyone has a "technical" brain or a willingness for change, so my aim is to use my technical knowledge with my passion for communication to help anyone understand it.

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I love to help people understand that they have a right to confidence - that equips them to step boldly into each day.

Whether it is living with wide open eyes and enjoying this world we live, from understanding environmental or organisational systems or how to use an app on their phone.

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Thank you - and enjoy.